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NEVESNonroad Engine and Vehicle Emission Study (US EPA)
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She saw off former environment minister Marina Silva in the first round of voting, and has now beaten Aecio Neves of the pro-business Social Democratic party, with a margin of victory of about three per cent.
I am not bullish about the real but there could be a major market bull run if Neves wins the election this weekend.
His running mate, renowned environmentalist Marina Silva, was thrust into his spot, and she immediately jumped to a double-digit lead over Rousseff and Neves.
Neves, by contrast, was polling as low as 15% on Sept.
Neves is a former Governor of Minas Gerais and is now in the Brazilian Federal Senate.
Neves, a former two-term state governor and senator who had been widely written off until the last few days of the campaign, took second place with 33.
Polls show Neves trailing in the third place behind incumbent President Dilma Rousseff of the Workers' Party (PT) and Socialist Party (PSB) candidate Marina Silva.
Drinking Water Project in the city of Neves in Sao Tome and Principe.
However, in a country where deep class divisions are still a fact of life and politics, neither Campos nor Neves, who are both well-off, well-spoken grandsons of famous politicians, have been able to convince the masses they are on their side.
The European Banking Authority has elected Pedro Duarte Neves as the new alternate Chairperson of the EBA.
Miss Neves, a Portuguese national, made compensation claims for sex and race discrimination and unfair dismissal against Mino's Deli, trading as Del Villaggio.
Neves took home the match ball after scoring a hat-trick in the Brazilians' 3-1 win over Ecuadorean champions LDU, but saw his side lose on penalties after the match finished 5-5 on aggregate.