NEVONew Evolution (Tallinn, Estonia)
NEVONew Employee Volunteer Orientation (American Red Cross)
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Contact: Dana Barocas Business Development & Marketing Manager NEVO Europe Tel: +44-797-827-9209 Email: office@nevo-europe.
Dental assistants can do more with NEVO, freeing up the doctor to do more production.
Business of Dentistry attendees will enjoy the first professional exhibition of the E4D NEVO System, which is expected to begin shipping in September for customers in the U.
In the NEVO RES I trial, patients completed the questionnaire when they were initially randomized and then one and six months after treatment.
Gary Kaye, DDS, FAGD, founder and principal dentist of New York City-based Kaye Dentistry, recently hosted a hands-on demonstration of NEVO for leading dental professionals.
NEVO RES I was not designed to show differences in clinical outcomes, however, patients treated with NEVO(TM) had numerically lower rates of events with respect to target lesion revascularization (1.
The E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center represents what we call the 'Natural EVOlution' of digital dentistry," said Mark Quadling, CEO of D4D Technologies.
While describing the goals of NEVO thus that could avail all, combining government officials, regardless of their political gatherings, Mr.
In the NEVO RES 1 study, a similar magnitude of benefit of the NEVO([TM]) Sirolimus-eluting Coronary Stent over the Taxus([R]) Liberte([R]) Stent was seen in patients with diabetes as in patients without diabetes.
In March, Cordis announced plans to initiate a new trial - called NEVO II - which is planned as an approximately 2,000-patient, randomized, non-inferiority, head-to-head global trial comparing NEVO([TM]) to the XIENCE([TM]) Stent.
NEVO II will be a global, randomized, non-inferiority trial of approximately 2,000 patients with coronary artery disease.