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The acquisition is intended to strengthen Neways' presence in the German electronics manufacturing market, Neways said.
The proposed purchase fits Neways strategy and importantly toughenns its footprint in the German EMS market.
Neways is also working to streamline its processes to reduce fuel costs.
This patent adds tremendous value for our distributors, who are the world's sole source of Neways Authentic Hawaiian Noni," says Jennifer Wolbers, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
For further updates, recap video and photos of the event, go to Neways North America's Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account or blog.
In his departure message, Eric Larsen said: "I leave Neways with nothing but positive feelings for this company and its future.
Neways North America partnered with Globus Relief, a nonprofit organization, to ship its donation to Haiti and is very grateful for their trusted partnership.
Neways Asia Management's focus is to manage the development and growth of the Neways opportunity in the Asian region," said Erik Haugen, managing director of Neways Asia Management Pte Ltd.
SPRINGVILLE, Utah -- By participating in the Gruner Punkt (Green Dot) recycling program during 2008, Neways Europe BVBA reduced greenhouse gas output by 26 tons of CO2, approximately equal to the annual CO2 emissions of 12 midsize vehicles traveling 15,000 kilometers per year.
SPRINGVILLE, Utah -- Neways recently held a well-attended convention in Las Vegas for its North America market, which includes independent distributors from all over the United States and Canada.
In April 2008, Neways started raising funds to help build wells in Cambodia.
SPRINGVILLE, Utah -- As a socially conscious company that is always on the lookout for ways to help others, Neways Japan has recently been involved with a large-scale plastic-cap-recycling project to raise funds for polio vaccinations.
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