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NEWSNorth, East, West, South (compass points)
NEWSNational Early Warning System (Sri Lanka)
NEWSNorth East Watercolor Society (New York, USA)
NEWSNetWare Early Warning System
NeWSNetwork Window System
NeWSNetwork Extensible Windowing System
NEWSNapa Emergency Women's Services
NEWSNuclear Events Web-based System (IAEA)
NEWSNetwork Windowing System
NEWSNaval Electronic Warfare Simulator
NEWSNever Eat Soggy Wheat (mnemonic for compass points)
NEWSNaval Environmental Watch Steward
NEWSNAVAIDS, Emergency Return, Weather, Standard Instrument Departure/Speeds
NEWSNetwork of European Worldshops (Germany)
NEWSNever Ending Wonderful Story (film)
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They talked over the new plan while old Hannah cleared the table, then out came the four little work baskets, and the needles flew as the girls made sheets for Aunt March.
Men stood by the bar in the New Willard House laughing and talking of Joe's courtship.
They were such cheerful noises, seeming to promise new things for living people: it was a pity that those freshly planed pine boards were to be put underground so soon.
Receiving no reply to this extraordinary appeal, which in truth, as it was delivered with the vigor of full and sonorous tones, merited some sort of notice, he who had thus sung forth the language of the holy book turned to the silent figure to whom he had unwittingly addressed himself, and found a new and more powerful subject of admiration in the object that encountered his gaze.
We remained there undisturbed during the Winter; and on the first day of May, 1770, my brother returned home to the settlement by himself, for a new recruit of horses and ammunition, leaving me by myself, without bread, salt or sugar, without company of my fellow creatures, or even a horse or dog.
On another occasion, one Whiskey Dick, impelled by a sense of duty, paid a visit to the new house and its fair occupants, in a fashion frankly recounted by him afterwards at the bar of the Tecumseh Saloon.
The quality of Hepzibah's mind was too unmalleable to take new impressions so readily as Clifford's.
But be easy, be easy, this here harpooneer I have been tellin' you of has just arrived from the south seas, where he bought up a lot of 'balmed New Zealand heads (great curios, you know), and he's sold all on 'em but one, and that one he's trying to sell to-night, cause to-morrow's Sunday, and it would not do to be sellin' human heads about the streets when folks is goin' to churches.
Jurgis was so grateful that he paid the half dollar the lawyer asked without winking an eyelash, and then rushed home to tell the news to the family.
It would be complete, how- ever, as soon as the messenger dispatched with the great news to the cave should get the word to her husband.
Full of thanks, and full of news, Miss Bates knew not which to give quickest.
You will find that my maid thoughtfully kept her letter open until the last moment before post-time -- without, however, having any later news to give me than that Mrs.