NEWSARNorth East Wales Search and Rescue
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My Kilimanjaro challenge has led me to volunteer with NEWSAR which is a great and exciting addition to my life.
He said: "I have been training with NEWSAR now for over two months and it is really going well.
A spokesman for NEWSAR said: "Unfortunately we haven't had any of it returned and are now in the process of replacing it.
A spokesman from NEWSAR said due to the theft Tom or other doctors on the team may be unable to attend call outs - putting lives at risk.
A number of our customers are members of NEWSAR, so we though it would be a great way to give a little back.
NEWSAR team leader Chris Griffiths said: "It is very frustrating when time and money is wasted on mindless hoax calls.
Also yesterday, members of NEWSAR were called to Gresford, near Wrexham by police after a partially scorched parachute flair was found.
NEWSAR team leader Iain Ashcroft said: "He was climbing a crag that had not been climbed many times before.
A search involving RAF Valley helicopter, NEWSAR (North East Wales Search and Rescue) and the fire service's Water Incident Unit at Ruthin was called off on Saturday due to failing light.
Ian Ashcroft, team leader from NEWSAR said: "We were informed that a 16-year-old male had gone missing from the Llay area by police at around 10.
A NEWSAR spokesman said 23 members attended the incident.