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NEWTNewtonian Telescope
NEWTNastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (Harry Potter)
NeWTNew World Training (BRFSStrategic)
NEWTNew Transport Algorithm
NEWTNaval Expeditionary Warfare Training
NEWTNavigation for Employee Web Transactions (University of Illinois Human Resources)
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Callista - then Callista Bisek - gave a deposition used at her future husband's divorce proceedings that the pair had begun dating in 1993 before Newt became House speaker.
We can ensure that cost effective great crested newt habitat will be ready, in place, before their development could have any impact upon the species, which reflects the Councils commitment to both economic growth and biodiversity.
where snakes came from under rocks to smell it, to tongue it, and at last to leave- disappointed the coffee was not a poison newt.
One of the best studied species that possesses TTX is the Rough-skinned Newt, Taricha granulosa (Mosher and others 1964; Wakely and others 1966; Brodie 1968; Daly and others 1987; Hanifin and others 1999).
These intensive studies showed that a single water sample taken at any time during the newt breeding season of late April to June is almost certain to detect newts when present.
Colleagues at Katharine's central London office crowded round to see the two-inch newt and filmed it.
2011), no newt carcass was found during the present study.
DURHAM: POLICE chiefs have welcomed a decision to give the go-ahead for the building of an HQ after rare newts halted construction for months, at a cost of PS250,000.
THE link between newts and one drink too many has entered the English language as a well-known phrase.
Newt replied that, having been in the wilderness four decades, Republicans first would show that they could govern responsibly, and then reform would come.
unanimously--to ban all international trade in Kaiser's spotted newt, a small salamander also called the Lorestan newt for its home.
Peter Hill, conservation officer for South and West Wales Amphibian and Reptile Group, said: "The great crested newt has very specific habitat requirements.