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The rare newts have to be first captured and then moved to a new home.
It's an unusual find because, as everyone knows, you find amphibians like newts in freshwater.
A more detailed study of 35 ponds in Hampshire and North Wales looked at how well the eDNA test detected newts over time.
50 mozzarella and tomato bowl she was shocked to see a little newt looking up at her.
Natural England was initially unconvinced by police analysis of the colony and refused a great crested newt development licence.
The group, which has been involved in the Great Crested Newt Link Project since its inception back in 2009, were digging another pond in a series of what will become 19 ponds aimed at increasing the breeding range of this protected species within Denby Dale Parish.
The newts cross the estate's entrance drive and faced being flattened by cars arriving for the beer garden evening.
After alerting local residents to the location of the protected species, Whitefriars organised the community planting event with the aim of creating a suitable habitat for the newts to live in.
Tsonis, director of the University of Dayton's Center for Tissue Regeneration and Engineering at Dayton (TREND), said his discovery will benefit the entire field of regeneration research and brings science one step closer to a complete understanding of how newts regenerate, which Tsonis believes will one day enable humans to replicate the process.
Although it is the Caspian sturgeon that normally draws the concerns of conservationists, this week it was the spotted newt from Lorestan province that won international protection.
This has got male newts particularly crestfallen in the past - as they can't locate the females to display their courtship routine.
It is the biggest and least common of the three newts found in the British Isles and is one of only three amphibians which are protected by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.