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NEXRADNext Generation Weather Radar
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Westbrook and Eyster obtained 15 days of NEXRAD data from the NWS installation at Brownsville, Texas, to see if they could use it to detect flights of corn earworm moths during peak migration times from cornfields in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.
Analyzing NEXRAD Doppler radar images to assess nightly dispersal patterns and population trends in Brazilian free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis).
The NTSB has cited two fatal weather-related aircraft accidents in which NEXRAD images were displayed to the pilot that were presented as one-minute old on the age indicator, but contained information that was up to five to eight minutes behind the real time conditions.
This research collectively suggests that NEXRAD can be used to broadly identify migratory hotspots on military installations, as well as improve flight safety on those installations with an aviation-based military mission.
by Committee to Assess NEXRAD Flash Flood Forecasting Capabilities at Sulphur Mountian, CA et al.
Examples of the cross-applicability of weather, military, and/or aviation radars include the routine capture of precipitation and wind-shear areas on airport air-traffic-control radars (often not passed on to local weather forecasters) and the detection of chaff from military exercises in WSR-88 NEXRAD imagery (the National Weather Service's network of Doppler radars).
HailExpress uses WDT's proprietary HailSwath Prediction Algorithm that combines National Weather Service, NEXRAD Doppler Radar and observed hail data to create reliable data from which the maps are generated.
For example, the NEXRAD weather radar systems that provide real time weather conditions all over the U.
KTHV's parent company, Gannett Broadcasting, purchased a number of WIS Weather Producer machines, which take data from NEXRAD and the station's Live View Radar and uses computer software to provide 3-dimensional graphics.
and Canada provides a variety of weather data such as NEXRAD, METAR, lightning, winds aloft, echo tops and more
The airplane to be used on the Capital Air Tour is nicknamed "The Green Hornet," and is equipped with a Garmin G2000 "glass cockpit" panel that includes NEXRAD radar for storm avoidance, anti-ice equipment, and terrain and traffic avoidance devices, along with the latest autopilot technology essential for avoiding crew fatigue.