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NEXRADNext Generation Weather Radar
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Powerful, sensitive radars like NEXRAD and short wavelength radars like airborne X-band radars, are also efficient at detecting birds, bats, and insects, seen as broad, diffuse patches of low re^ flectivity in fair weather.
As the study of this technology has progressed, so have new technologies been developed such as Doppler radar, NEXRAD, LIDAR, SONAR, and GPS.
Westbrook and Eyster obtained 15 days of NEXRAD data from the NWS installation at Brownsville, Texas, to see if they could use it to detect flights of corn earworm moths during peak migration times from cornfields in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.
The NTSB has cited two fatal weather-related aircraft accidents in which NEXRAD images were displayed to the pilot that were presented as one-minute old on the age indicator, but contained information that was up to five to eight minutes behind the real time conditions.
This research collectively suggests that NEXRAD can be used to broadly identify migratory hotspots on military installations, as well as improve flight safety on those installations with an aviation-based military mission.
Flash flood forecasting over complex terrain; with an assessment of the Sulphur Mountian NEXRAD in Southern California.
We developed our precipitation input to erosion models by an innovative combination of two currently available precipitation products: high quality National Center for Environmental Prediction one-hour accumulation maps and National Weather Service 15-minute Level III (with only eight effective levels of reflectivity degraded from 256 levels of Level II data available every 6 minutes) NEXRAD data to obtain 15-minute rainfall products in the Hydrologic Rainfall Analysis Project projection grid (Reed and Maidment, 1999).
My-Cast 5 delivers real-time animated NEXRAD Doppler radar loops to see the speed and direction of approaching severe weather.
NEXRAD radar estimates indicated six to eight inches of rainfall over northern Terrell County.
Reports are generated by expert meteorologists using damage surveys and NEXRAD Doppler Weather Radar data.
HailExpress uses WDT's proprietary HailSwath Prediction Algorithm that combines National Weather Service, NEXRAD Doppler Radar and observed hail data to create reliable data from which the maps are generated.