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NEXUSNational Emergency X-Radiography Utilization Study
NEXUSNational Emergency X-Ray Utilization Study (various locations)
NEXUSNeeds and EXpectations of University Students
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This nexus standard enforces the idea that the state wants to shift the focus of taxation from businesses located in-state to those that do business within the state.
A more recent case that represents the similar situation in terms of the twin nexus considerations is Allied-Signal, Inc.
It's important to remember that whenever there is confusion over nexus, states may pursue a business simply as a test case.
Nexus takes field sketching and data collection to the next level.
It goes the same with a user of ASUS Nexus 7 and HTC Nexus 9 running the LPX13D and LRX21L firmware build versions respectively.
15) Accordingly, nonresidents may find that they are not subject to an income tax return filing requirement in certain nonresident states where they work, despite the fact that their employer withholds wages on income earned in that state as a result of its nexus with the taxing state.
The first Guideline provision states that ownership of real or tangible personal property in the taxing state is sufficient to create "physical presence" and, therefore, "substantial nexus.
Harvey Michaels, CEO of Nexus Energy Software, added: "We appreciate that PPL chose to work with us on data management systems to achieve the potential of its pioneering all-customer advanced meter system.
Price is very important for all buyers especially on items tagged as flagship models such as LG Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S.
In AOL, the court found that none of six categories of activities offered by the state as evidence that AOL had nexus in Tennessee satisfied constitutional nexus standards.
86-272 jurisdictional standard, and the Department's new policies on nexus significantly changed the rules applicable to the SBT - in most cases, on a retroactive basis.
IPextreme is now offering four Nexus interface blocks: the ARM7 Nexus Client that taps directly into the CoreSight[TM] interface of ARM7 designs; the ARM9 Client an equivalent core for ARM9 designs; the AHB Nexus Client that connects to AMBA 2.