NEigNumber of Eigenvalues
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Vroulike lesers neig om fiksie met die lewe te verbind, terwyl manlike lesers eerder beindruk word deur ander, onbekende werelde (vgl.
Two of the four did start, with 37 overs play possible at neig hbouring Kirkheaton and Lascelles Hall before the June monsoon struck with a vengeance.
Research linking residential crowding to low income in the United States, Mexico, and England found far fewer rooms per household in low-income neig hborhoods and significantly less access to a park or a private garden.
China may react by building a larger missile force than currently planned, which in turn will pose a greater threat to China's neig hbors, specifically India and Japan.
Her neig hbors are equally charmed by the handsome garden that reflects the area's easygoing lifestyle.
By comparison, 13 citizen advisors, appointed by the city council and neig hborhood coalitions in Portland, Oregon, hear appeals from citizens dissatisfied with police investigations of their complaints, review all closed cases involving allegations of the use of excessive force, and conduct random audits of internal affairs investigations.
Die narratief is oor die algemeen van hoogstaande literere gehalte, maar ongelukkig doen die deurlopende soetsappige liefdestonele afbreuk aan die roman en neig dit gevolglik meer na die narratief van 'n hygroman:
Die Afrikaanse literere kritiek neig ongelukkig om 'n patronerende houding teenoor debuutwerk in te neem.
Firstly, I guess that manning the vigilante bar allowed us to of the people The determ come togethe property mea and understa between neig faith and nat to be growing The most am has been in t They can no future for the and their chi the first time generations.
As police made doorto-door inquiries, today shocked neig hbour Elaine Young, 46, said: "I was closing my blinds last night when I saw ambulance and police.
Marlene se vereenselwiging met die slang (en met die verkleurmannetjie) is kragtig en word lighartig onderskraag wanneer sy oplet dat haar minnares neig om te glo "ons is in die paradys" (2001: 161).
Lombard skryf in 'n ouwereldse idioom wat dikwels kan neig om te ontaard in mooiskrywery en wat lei tot die gebruik van 'n oordaad woorde.