NEigNumber of Eigenvalues
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Naas Vilonel is ook die karakterisering van Buller duidelik satiries en neig na wat al "editorial omniscience" genoem is, die deurskemering van die skrywer se eie oordeel in die stem van die verteller.
15), dat die opdrag aan almal deurgegee is om rolle uit te speel (19), (wat ook neig na die teater van die Absurde) asook dat die hele regime geprogrammeer is (22).
20) KP ibor, OE beran And ful neig to helle ibor 'and are carried very close to hell' (Christ: 20)
Lesers neig ook om hul selfkonsep in karakters te projekteer, wat sodoende tot identifisering met die karakter bydra.
Two of the four did start, with 37 overs play possible at neig hbouring Kirkheaton and Lascelles Hall before the June monsoon struck with a vengeance.
Research linking residential crowding to low income in the United States, Mexico, and England found far fewer rooms per household in low-income neig hborhoods and significantly less access to a park or a private garden.
This is not entirely surprising in view of the hypothesized influence of fundamental regional differences in resource endowments, the institutional environment, proximity to neig hboring states, etc.
China may react by building a larger missile force than currently planned, which in turn will pose a greater threat to China's neig hbors, specifically India and Japan.
Her neig hbors are equally charmed by the handsome garden that reflects the area's easygoing lifestyle.
By comparison, 13 citizen advisors, appointed by the city council and neig hborhood coalitions in Portland, Oregon, hear appeals from citizens dissatisfied with police investigations of their complaints, review all closed cases involving allegations of the use of excessive force, and conduct random audits of internal affairs investigations.
Daar is net soveel maniere om ejakulasie, masturbasie en orale seks oortuigend en oorspronklik uit te beeld, alvorens dit neig na pornografiese verveling.
Die Afrikaanse literere kritiek neig ongelukkig om 'n patronerende houding teenoor debuutwerk in te neem.