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NF-1Neurofibromatosis Type 1
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In classical NF-1, skeletal defects occur as a result of abnormalities of the neuroectoderm and mesoderm.
Cardiovascular effects are relatively common in patients with NF-1 due to coartation of the aorta, renal artery stenosis or PHEO [6].
The main craniofacial bono dysplasia for patients affected by NF-1 involves the sphenoid wing, which makes the nearby bone structures asymmetric, including the orbital cave.
Seed was harvested on a half-sib basis from R6P1 in 2000 and 2001 and bulked to compose the NF-1 Profuse Ligule germplasm line.
The NF-1 is a remarkable product in the "next generation" mobile multi media device market.
The patient was referred for further testing to rule out NF-1.
The contract calls for the delivery of 50,000 NF-1 GPS units to be delivered from April to December 2006 and sold under the Changhong brand.