NF3Nitrogen Trifluoride
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NF 2 office work: 3 200 m2, NF3 production, hand and machine work, experiments 1 400 m2, NF 4 camps, distribute and sell: 500 m2.
Human skin fibroblast cell line Hs27 was treated with NF3 at 4 mg/ml for 24 h, and in vitro scratch wound healing and quantitative cell migration assays were performed, respectively.
A spokeswoman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: "This is an issue that affects every country, and we're working with other members of EU to ensure that all new synthetic greenhouse gases, including NF3, are covered as part of any future UN climate change agreements.
Linde's on-site F2 technology is fast becoming the industry standard cleaning method across semiconductor, TFT-LCD and photovoltaics industries, as manufacturers are increasingly switching to F2 due to concerns over the environmental impact of NF3 and potential legislation that could restrict its use in the future.
The main floor space of 3,610 mA NF 1-6 (of which 280 mA FIL) for 208 employees (including 19 employees FIL) breaks down as follows: NF 1 Living and working: 48 mA; NF 2 office work: 1,432 mA; NF3 production, hand and machine work, experiments: 1,662 mA; NF 4 storage, distribution and sale: 268 mA; NF 5 Education, Education and Culture: 188 mA; NF 6 cure and care: 12 mA.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony of NF3 project at Imam Khomeini petrochemical plant, the minister said the project is among the Mehre-Mandegar (Lasting Kindness) projects.
These projects include NF3 unit of Bandar Imam Khomeini petrochemical complex, olefin-1 and olfin-2 in Kavian petrochemical complex's, PVC plan in Hegmataneh petrochemical complex, Kermanshah petrochemical complex's heavy polyethylene, the first phase of Damavand power plant, the first phase of ethylene pipeline in West of the country and a number of other projects.
With the market for NF3 tight and the major OEMs committed to NF3 for their next generation processes, we felt the time was right to maximize our existing infrastructure and make this cost effective expansion," said Wayne Mitchell, vice president and general manager of Electronics for Air Products.
Prominent manufacturers of photovoltaics, semiconductor and TFT-LCD devices as well as research sectors are adopting Linde's on-site fluorine generators as a more productive and energy-efficient alternative to the use of the greenhouse gas NF3 and other PFC (Per-Fluoro-Compound) gases for the cleaning of CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) chambers.
Meanwhile, managing director of Petrochemical Industries Development Company, Majid Mahmoudian pointed to competitive advantage of investment in petrochemical industry in Iran, adding domestic manufacturers were responsible for procurement of 52 percent of the NF3 equipment.
Masdar's philosophy of sustainable development and deployment of renewable energy and low carbon technologies is fully supported by Linde's mature fluorine generation technology, which provides a more productive and energy efficient alternative to the use of Per-Fluoro-Compound (PFC) gases, including NF3, for chemical vapour deposition chamber cleaning.