NFACNational Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (Sunnyvale, CA)
NFACNational Foreign Assessment Center (US CIA)
NFACNative Forest Action Council
NFACNibbleFfest Art Contest (ebay)
NFACNaval Facilities Engineering Command Headquarters
NFACNorth Florida Anesthesia Consultants
NFACNational Foundation for Asthmatic Children (Tuscon, AZ)
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The NFAC conducted its third meeting in February 2014 to discuss and prepare a joint comment on USDOT's designation of the primary freight network.
For more information on these meetings and more details on the NFAC, visit www.
The maximum and minimum dry weight produced by tasseling with 3% NFAC and earing with 7% NFAC 184.
3 in beginning seed filling with 3% and 5% NFAC and seed pasty with 3% NFAC also the minimum row was 13.
The maximum and minimum leaf area produced by 3% and 7% NFAC (3414 and 1814 [cm.
The maximum and minimum seed in row produced by all of the stages treatment with 3% NFAC and earing with 7% NFAC (51.
The maximum and minimum grain yield produced by tasseling with 3% NFAC and all of the stages with 7% NFAC as 2037 and 1167 g.
Seed pasty with 3% and tasseling with 5% NFAC were 1.