NFASNon-Facility Associated Signaling
NFASNational Field Archery Society
NFASNon Frame Alignment Signal
NFASNorth Fork Audubon Society (New York)
NFASNational Federation of American Students (various locations)
NFASNuclear Field A School
NFASNo Frame Alignment Signal
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If the person does qualify for financial aid, NFAS offers a comprehensive individualized report that establishes to what degree that person qualifies for financial aid and reveals several techniques to receive additional financial aid.
All channels are controlled from a single user interface and can be configured to deliver voice, fax, or tones with CAS, ISDN, NFAS or SS7 signaling.
Leveraging Lucent's unrivaled expertise in voice communications, the PortMaster 4 is designed to deliver WAN optimizations, such as Multi-chassis NFAS and support for Signaling System Number 7 (SS7), in upcoming releases.
NFAS Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Frederick Mngomezulu confirmed that, at least E2 million will be spend within next couple of months.
Using NFAS allows up to 20 PRI lines to be controlled by a single "D" channel.
Using NFAS in a public network environment, users can reduce ISDN D-channel subscription costs and gain an additional transmission channel for applications.