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NFBNational Film Board of Canada
NFBNational Federation of the Blind
NFBNegative Feedback
NFBNo Fuse Breaker
NFBNormal for Bridgewater (music album)
NFBNeeds Food Badly (gaming clan; World of Warcraft)
NFBNo Fixed Bridges (real estate)
NFBNeurofeedback (biofeedback)
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Maurer describes the NFB as perhaps the most registered nonprofit in the country when it comes to state charity solicitation bureaus.
In addition to providing advice lines and training for member companies, the NFB has a busy work programme promoting the interests of SME contractors.
The NFB represents some 1,500 builders and contractors across England and Wales.
Andrew Percy, regional director for the NFB in the Midlands, said: "Frameworks have the potential to be a great delivery mechanism for the construction industry, but anecdotal evidence from our small to medium-sized members suggests that they're being implemented unfairly.
According to Danielson, NFB first notified Target during 2005, and repeatedly asked the retailer to add alternative text to its Web design.
National Federation of Builders chief executive Barry Stephens said: "The NFB Helpline forms an important part of the service we provide to our members.
The NFB, NFB of New Jersey, NOPBC, and the parents of S.
Dennis Hong, director of the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech explained, "Three years ago we accepted the NFB Blind Driver Challenge.
In its formative years in the 1940s, when this reputation was being built, the NFB was also a place of intense creative energy and excitement.
Paul Kendrick, spokesman for the NFB, said, ``We, more than anyone else, are keen to stamp out rogue builders - but all these programmes do is create a climate of fear and lack of trust of any builder.
Freedom of information requests filed by the NFB confirmed that Goodwill Industries employees have been paid as low as $1.
ACB and NFB originally filed suit against ASU and the Arizona Board of Regents in June 2009 after ASU began a pilot program to distribute electronic textbooks to students via the Kindle DX.