NFBSNational Family Benefit Scheme (India)
NFBSNeed for Better Speed (online racing information site)
NFBSNavy Federal Brokerage Services, LLC (Merrifield, VA)
NFBSNational Farm Broadcast Service
NFBSNational Forum for Balanced Success (marketing)
NFBSNational Food Balance Sheet (crop forecasting; various locations)
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Williams, a former rural broadcaster in Conroe, Texas, says he likes to use NFBS because it provides an angle that he can't get in mainstream media outlets.
At the NFBS site, I not only see and hear a concise idea of what's of interest that day, but I also get to look at what the rural broadcasters throughout the U.
According to Shinn, NFBS provides broadcast members a way to have more detailed coverage of national agricultural issues while appearing to have a greater staff of reporters.
If a farm broadcaster does not have resources or the travel budget to cover these events, they can still get some great stories via NFBS," Rook says.
For the Rural Radio Association, which is a farmer- and rancher-owned radio network in Nebraska, NFBS helps to bolster the staff of three farm broadcasters who provide agriculture updates once per hour on-air and online.
For example, Rook, also a regular contributor to the news service, filed stories with the NFBS service during a recent trip to Australia prior to the signing of the Australian Free Trade Agreement.
Ken Root, executive director of the organization, says NFBS has far exceeded the members' expectations for an "AP-type" of news service.
In various surveys conducted by NAFB, members have consistently ranked the NFBS news service as the number one benefit of being a member.
PR is part of the business, I appreciate new-product information, and NFBS is the quickest way to my desk.
Feedback about the NFBS service is similar from other farm broadcasters.
As such, NAFB Executive Director Steve Pearson says NFBS has become one of farm broadcast's best friends.
Farm broadcasters have more to do and less time to do it, and NFBS is one of the tools that helps them save time.