NFBWNational Fishing and Boating Week
NFBWNational Federation of the Blind of Wisconsin (Kendall, WI)
NFBWNatural and Fabricated Worlds (Bucknell University; Lewisburg, PA)
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Here are some great ways to take advantage of NFBW :
Free Fishing Days: Perfect for those who are new to the sport or who want to mentor others, most states offer free fishing days during NFBW, that allow the public to fish without having to purchase a fishing license.
Many states have scheduled these days during NFBW, providing an additional incentive for people to get out on the water.
In response to this trend, organizations like RBFF have launched a variety of efforts and events such as NFBW aimed at stemming the tide and ensuring a strong future for one of America's favorite recreational activities.
Much like fishing itself, NFBW was designed for kids of all ages - children, parents and grandparents.
NFBW was created to help young people learn about - and to reacquaint others - with these great American pastimes.
But thanks to evolving American values, efforts by industry and government, and events such as NFBW, this trend is beginning to change.