NFCDCUNational Federation of Community Development Credit Unions
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Then the recession hit, with turmoil in the mortgage market Even as a recovery is evidently under way, like most mainstream credit unions the NFCDCU feels the price offered by the secondary market is below what it should be.
27% * Rounded to the nearest dollar Source for all charts: NFCDCU Chart 3 Loan Distribution New Vehicle Loans 20% Used Vehicle Loans 23% Unsecured Credit 4% Card Loans All Other Unsecured 6% First Mortgage 27% Real Estate Loans Other Real 13% Estate Loans All Other 7% Note: Table made from pie chart.
The NFCDCU has stated that CRA is not necessary for credit unions because of their unique structure.
That's home for us," Jorgensen said of the commonalities Grameen and NFCDCU have.