NFCMNative Friendship Centre of Montreal (Canada)
NFCMNational Foster Care Month
NFCMNew Forest Community Media (New Hampshire)
NFCMNational Florence Crittenton Mission (chartered by Congress, 1898, for provision of maternity homes and hospitals; US and Canada)
NFCMNovartis Financial Control Manual
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Bill Bawden and Tim Sullivan's (1999) Signposts: How to Be a Catholic Man in the World Today is a workbook recommended by NFCM and is the most widely used text among Catholic men's ministries.
Reminiscent of Promise Keepers' appeal to sport, and actually a Catholic revision of a Promise Keepers title, NFCM resources include Geoff Gorsuch's Brothers
Their aim was not to examine specifically Catholic attitudes, but 99% of those men questioned happened to be Catholic as the research was undertaken via attendees of NFCM conferences and retreats.