NFCRCNational Fuel Cell Research Center
NFCRCNational Fisheries Contaminant Research Center
NFCRCNeural Fuzzy Call-Admission and Rate Controller
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With the extensive storage capacity of natural gas infrastructure, this project will provide important validation of the technical and economic feasibility of carbon-free energy transformation and storage," said Professor Scott Samuelsen, director of the NFCRC.
SoCalGas continually seeks innovation to benefit our customers and is excited to work with NREL and NFCRC to help make this technology a reality in the U.
Toyota Motor Sales USA purchased the SES-f for installation at the NFCRC, and has commissioned the NFCRC to evaluate the performance characteristics of the small SES-f in cooperation with Stuart Energy.
We are very pleased to be working with Toyota, the NFCRC and other strategic partners and customers to validate our small SES system.
While the plant at the NFCRC will run on natural gas, it is flexible to operate with other fuels.