NFCTNorthern Forest Canoe Trail (Waitsfield, VT)
NFCTNew Foundation for Cinema and Television (Israel)
NFCTNon Federal Control Tower (Aviation)
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The NFCT input plugin collects traffic accounting data.
NFCT is also recognized as a national model for community-based water-trail design and management, working with an active network of over 100 volunteers to map and steward the Trail.
NFCT serves travelers and benefits neighboring communities by: encouraging canoe / kayak travel and recreation; promoting economic development by attracting a wide range of visitors to the region's communities; improving local access to and providing stewardship of regional waterways - rivers, streams, and lakes; enabling travelers to experience the Northern Forest's full range of diverse landscapes, from working cities and towns to farms, forests, and mountains; supporting community-based services and local arts, education and environmental programs that educate and inspire residents and visitors alike; and enhancing quality of life by creating opportunities for people to reconnect with place