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NFDNephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy
NFDNo Floppy Drive (computer hardware)
NFDnot for Distribution
NFDNashville Fire Department (Tennessee)
NFDNational Foundation for the Deaf, Inc. (New Zealand)
NFDNo Further Details
NFDNot Following Directions (education)
NFDNon-Financial Disclosure (corporate governance)
NFDNodal Fault Diagnostics (US DoD)
NFDNet Filter Discrimination (radio)
NFDNet Financial Debt
NFDNational Forest Development (Road)
NFDNo Foreign Dissemination
NFDNetwork Flow Diagrams
NFDNoise Flash Device
NFDNavy Fuel Depot
NFDNumber of Faults Detected
NFDNorthern Federation of Draughts (Northern Ireland)
NFDNa Fianna Dragun (gaming guild)
NFDNuclear Fuels Division
NFDNewberg Fire Department (Newberg, Oregon)
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However, the records show that many of the Somali in the NFD are twentieth century arrivals,(59) arriving simultaneously with the British administration, first, in a trickle, and then increasing in numbers until the time of the Jubaland transfer from British to Italian jurisdiction.
The skin lesions of NFD are typically symmetrical and are commonly distributed bilaterally between the ankles and mid-thighs, and between the wrists and mid-upper arms (Cowper, 2003); the lesions are described as papules or subcutaneous nodules that combine or fuse together to form erythematous to brawny hyperpigmented plaques with a peau d'orange (skin of an orange) appearance (Cowper et al.
Serial skin biopsies in the Michigan patients revealed numerous myofibroblasts in the deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue starting at about 3 weeks; none was seen in lesions more than 50 days old Myofibroblasts are known to play an important role in cutaneous wound repair, so it may be instructive to view NFD as an aberrant tissue injury response, according to the Michigan researchers (Am.
Formbank, the NFD and the NGRC registry system in their totality form the British Greyhound Racing Database.
Bookmakers have set up their own database for BAGS racing, to avoid the copyright issues which the BGRB claimed around the NFD.
The letter claims tracks do not need to access the NFD and can use information available at the track, such as the identity and race record book of runners: "This is how BAGS tracks operated historically, without any problems.
In the same way when the NGRC send data to the NFD, they receive back from PA Sport e-mails which ask for clarification on `inactive' greyhounds, verification over names of dogs that have been spelt differently by the NGRC compared with what PA Sport have been sent by tracks, and NGRC confirmation in respect of trainers who have not been recorded as licensed in the NFD.
BGRB chief executive Geoffrey Thomas said: "While we're delighted to note BAGS fully recognise our rights over the form in the NFD, this is clearly a final desperate throw of the dice from an organisation prepared to try anything, however improbable, to maintain its stranglehold over our industry.
This year's NFD awards went to: Region I--Joseph Badzmierowski, senior benefits advocate (SBA), Boston, and Denise Murphy, NFD secretary, Richmond; Region II--Adrian Lamboy Olmo, senior NSO, Puerto Rico, and Barbara Redwine, secretary III, Memphis; Region III--Sandy Kittrell Jr.
BGRB chief executive Geoffrey Thomas said: "At this stage I am not sure whether BAGS is trying to destroy the NFD or whether they simply do not understand that if they take this action it threatens to bring the sport to its knees.
This year's NFD awards went to: Region I--Keith Reimers, NSO (Buffalo); Region II--John Allen, NSO III (Winston-Salem, N.
This year's NFD awards went to: Region I-Julisa Sosa, administrative assistant (EPVA), and Joseph Badzmierowski, NSO III (Boston); Region II-Tammie Latterell, senior NSO (Columbia, S.