NFDCNational Flight Data Center
NFDCNational Film Development Corporation (India)
NFDCNew Forest District Council (England, UK)
NFDCNational Federation of Demolition Contractors (United Kingdom)
NFDCNational Fire Data Center
NFDCNational Fertilizer Development Center (Tennessee, USA)
NFDCNorthern Forest Diversification Center
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Last year, the NFDC helped market the products of more than 400 harvesters.
Last night, Ken Fish, secretary of the Scottish NFDC, said they would be investigating any improper claims of affiliation made by Chamic.
NFDC (1980) Distribution of cadmium and selected heavy metals in phosphate fertiliser processing.
That standard is designed to support UKCG's work in increasing competency and improving leadership in health and safety by developing knowledge and skill and marks an impressive achievement by the NFDC and NDTG in safeguarding recognition of demolition specific training standard across the wider construction industry.
NFDC (National Fertiliser Development Centre) (2000) Fertiliser Use at Farm Level in Pakistan.
There are a number of films from various labs at NFDC that have been critically acclaimed globally.
Mark of distinction NFDC membership raises the profile of demolition companies by identifying them as reputable and trustworthy.
The net worth of the corporation shall turn positive and the paid up and authorized capital of NFDC will increase to Rs.
Howard Button, chief executive of NFDC and keynote speaker at the event, said: "With its industrial heritage, the North East has always been at the forefront of the demolition industry and boasts many high quality operators.
NFDC (1996) Fertiliser Use on Wheat: Farm Level Survey Rabi 1991-92.
Kashyap later threw a party at the NFDC Indian Pavilion, where foreign guests were seen dancing to the tunes of the song sporting Bihari gamchha s ( towels).
These results confirm the findings of NFDC (1994 and 1996) and Abroad and Chaudhry (2000) that the tenants use higher rates of fertiliser.