NFEANational Fishing Enhancement Act
NFEANational Federation of Export Associations
NFEANonfleet Experienced Aviator
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Prior to the NFEA, oil rig owners had only one option when oil production ceased: complete dismantling of the offshore facilities.
At a time when all the headlines are bad, it's important to get the message across that with a cool head and sound management, you can work your way through this situation," said NFEA chief executive George Derbyshire.
After Mr Nickell's speech, George Derbyshire, chief executive of the NFEA - which seeks to respond to the needs of small and growing businesses - said: 'The first encouraging thing is that he came and spoke to us.
The project focuses on reaching those who do not usually touch business support and NFEA judges declared UCanB as a shining example of how barriers to regeneration at a community level can be addressed.