NFERNational Foundation for Educational Research (UK)
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We have today published separately a set of guidance issued by NFER to schools who will take part in the test.
In intervention schools, 147 parents completed the NFER Emotional Literacy measure both before and after their child's participation in the PACT Programme.
The NFER report, which involved questioning 1,132 children, 351 parents and 91 teachers, says: "The football/sports club setting proved attractive to pupils and was a strong element in motivating pupils to become involved.
The NFER was commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills to evaluate the scheme at 12 centres operated by clubs in England.
3 The recent NFER survey - while arriving at no clear conclusion - is of interest: L Sukhnandan and B Lee, Streaming, Setting and Grouping by Ability: A Review of the Literature (NFER, 1999), and the summary in NFER News (Spring 1999), p.
It is based on the findings from research carried out by NFER (the National Foundation for Educational Research) on behalf of pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) as part of an evaluation of Learning Money Matters (LMM).
The NFER report said: "Amongst a sub-sample of students with three or more A grades at A-level there were wide variations in SAT scores.
Although most comprehensive schools are coeducational, it is sometimes claimed that single-sex education is beneficial, particularly for girls, say NFER.
n The NFER researchers interviewed staff at 60 schools, conducted more intensive research into 12 case study schools and interviewed 70 children and their parents
But so far there has been no comparative analysis of the two surveys, neither at the international level (by IEA) nor for England by (NFER), though this was done on the previous occasion (see, for example, the NFER study The Second International Mathematics Study in England and Wales, by M.
12] NFER/Nelson, Normative Tables for the OSI , NFER Nelson, Windsor, 1991.
Literature was identified through: (1) a search of relevant databases; (2) a search of local authority websites and those of relevant national organisations and government bodies; and (3) existing NFER knowledge of forthcoming publications and key contacts in the field of safeguarding.