NFFENational Federation of Federal Employees
NFFENon-Financial Foreign Entity (US IRS)
NFFENorwegian Forum for Freedom of Expression
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Four years ago, NFFE Local 2050, which represents all 1100 professionals at EPA headquarters, alerted then Administrator Lee Thomas to the fact that the scientific support documents for the fluoride in drinking water standard were fatally flawed.
time, (87) but the NFFE, which represented employees in every large
A foreign partnership/trust can become a WP/WT if it is a PFFI, IGA FFI, or NFFE.
At least one employer sponsor must qualify as something other than an investment entity or a passive NFFE, within the meaning of the FATCA regulations.
The NFFE argued that given the many significant changes in the Revised A-76, the affected civilian employees, and the NFFE as their statutorily appointed representative, met the definition of "interested party" under the CICA and the GAO's Bid Protest Regulation.
This item examines the portion of FATCA that relates to payments to NFFEs and why it is important for most CPAs to advise their clients on what withholding agents must do to be ready on July 1, 2014.
For those entities, eligibility for a payee exception may mean the difference between FFI status, which comes with heavy duty due diligence, tracking, and reporting requirements, (15) and NFFE status and compliance, which comes with a substantial but much lower level of compliance involving disclosure of substantial U.
An NFFE is any foreign entity that is not a financial institution as defined above.
In this case, the subsidiary could try to qualify as an excepted payee under either the active NFFE or the public affiliate exception.
She asked whether the Treasury Department had considered excepting from the income test gain from the sale of stock of an active NFFE by another active NFFE (so that the selling entity would not fail the test in a particular year) or perhaps adopting a three-year rolling average test as an alternative to the current prior calendar year test.
Provide that income from the sale of stock of an active NFFE be excluded from the definition of "passive income" for purposes of active NFFE status, or, alternatively, measure the income of the NFFE over a three year period;