NFFONon-Fossil Fuel Obligation
NFFONational Federation of Fishermen's Organisations (UK)
NFFONaija Film Festival Organisers (Nigeria)
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AFFO is calculated by beginning with NFFO and adjusting for certain items that the Company believes by their nature are not comparable from period to period or tend to obscure the Company's actual operating performance.
The Wind Fund intends to invest only in projects with planning permission that have been approved for NFFO purposes, and is the only ethical fund investing purely in green energy companies.
27 per share, compared with NFFO for second quarter 2014 of $4,253,687, or $0.
The NFFO legislation has been carried forward in the U.
We believe our first quarter 2015 operating results represent another good quarter for the Company and leave us well positioned to deliver solid financial performance for the balance of 2015, in line with our prior NFFO guidance," said John A.
The NFFO has been working on a policy that strikes the right balance between the sustainability of the stocks and the flexibility to adapt measures to local characteristics.
This is one of the first uses of a change in regulations to allow transfer of NFFO (non-fossil fuel obligation) contracts from one site to another.
28 per share, compared with NFFO for fourth quarter 2013 of $3,281,225, or $0.
A spokesman for the NFFO in the North East last night said the region faced "losing an entire way of life".
But then along comes Kyoto and, hey presto, there's no shortage of developers queueing for the NFFO subsidies.
The increases in NFFO, AFFO, revenue and net cash provided by operating activities (excluding the effect of acquisition expenses) were primarily due to a full quarter of operating results from the community acquired in fourth quarter 2013, which included additional rental revenue and additional operational expenses, a full quarter of income from additional real estate loans that were originated in the last three months of 2013 and first the two quarters of 2014, a partial quarter of income from additional real estate loans that were originated in third quarter 2014 and a full quarter of income from the acquisition of a retail shopping center in first quarter 2014, whereas third quarter 2013 operating results did not reflect the effects of the these investments.
Barry Deas, NFFO chief executive, said: "Prawns are one of the most valuable stocks for the UK and are very important for the North East.