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For the cases shown, VENT-II and CFD modeling agree qualitatively on presence of net surface condensation (continuously "wet" or "dry" conditions), which is consistent with the relining guidelines of the NFGC venting tables.
Historically, the NFGC venting tables were concerned with furnaces with respect to chimney and vent connector condensation.
To answer the research question of whether the four measured psychosocial variables have differential predictive effects for FGCS and NFGCS participants, we conducted three hierarchical multiple regression analyses with life satisfaction, stress, or psychological symptoms as the criterion variable for each analysis.
After controlling for the effect of race/ethnicity, we found that FGCSs scored significantly lower in academic self-efficacy and reported more somatic symptoms than did their NFGCS counterparts.
When comparing the experiences of FGCS and NFGCS populations (while controlling for the effects of race/ethnicity), we found that FGCSs reported lower levels of academic self-efficacy and experienced more somatic symptoms than did their NFGCS counterparts.
Contrary to our own hypothesis and previous findings, we found no statistically significant differences between FGCS and NFGCS participants on the basis of perceived support from family, perceived support from friends, depressive symptoms, and life satisfaction.
NFGCS participants in this study), one must take extra care to ensure that the majority/mainstream group's experiences are not viewed as normative or the ideal standards.