NFHANational Fair Housing Alliance (est. 1988; Washington, DC)
NFHANiagara Falls Housing Authority (Niagra Falls, NY)
NFHANorth Florida Hockey Association (Jacksonville, FL)
NFHANew Forest Heritage Area (UK)
NFHANational Federation of Hungarian Americans (est. 1984)
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HUD has negotiated settlement agreements with at least one large apartment firm relating to the investigation conducted by NFHA.
Several apartment firms were sued based on an investigation by NFHA.
NFHA): Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Washington, DC, NFHA is a
Some of the findings the investigation revealed, according to NFHA, were: REO properties in communities of color were 82 percent more likely than REO properties in white communities to have broken or boarded-up windows; and REO properties in white neighborhoods were 32 percent more likely to be marketed with the proper signage (i.
After two years of testing in 12 metropolitan areas, NFHA said it would file administrative complaints against several real estate firms, starting with an Atlanta firm.
The NFHA has membership organizations in several cities across the United States.
Separately, the NFHA had filed various complaints against Peter J.
The NFHA found similar complaints against State Farm in Toledo, while Allstate and Nationwide didn't make the grade in 10 cities they service across the country.
The idea is to discourage you so you'll panic and go somewhere else to get the loan," explains Smith of the NFHA.
The NFHA's partnership with the Ad Council generated $50 million in media time and produced more than a half million hits to the NFHA Web site.
An investigation by NFHA and its member organizations identified 7,500 discriminatory advertisements during the past year that violated the federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to make, print or publish housing ads that discriminate or limit equal access to apartments or homes based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, familial status or disability.
NFHA has filed discrimination complaints with HUD against five communities in Texas, Alabama and Florida and promises to file more.