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NFIBNational Federation of Independent Business
NFIBNational Foreign Intelligence Board
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Despite the fall in some areas of fraud, the NFIB warned of an increasing use of technology as a gateway for scammers.
The current labor market is one of the tightest I have seen in the 43-year history of NFIB's survey," said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg.
NFIB has 325,000 members from nearly every business sector and advocates for the interests of independents.
One reason NFIB commissioned the survey was to find out what small employers are really doing about paid leave.
Prior to NFIB, Moseley spent 10 years as Chief Operating Officer at the American Dental Association's for-profit subsidiary, ADA Business Enterprises, Inc.
The spending power question raised in NFIB involved the "Medicaid expansion" provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which would have increased the number and categories of individuals that participating states must cover.
Whatever direct legal effects the Court's decision ultimately produces, the thesis of this Essay is that the most important and far-reaching legal effects of NFIB are likely to be indirect.
Congress played chicken right up to the end of the year, leaving small-business owners with no new information about the economy's future -- no sense of how much their taxes would increase or if the economy would go over the now infamous 'cliff,'" said NFIB chief economist Bill Dunkelberg.
But NFIB bosses deny he was paid and claim only his expenses were reimbursed.
If you're in a growth phase, expanding, and need to hire more employees, the webinar will reveal how hiring an intern can be the perfect "try before you buy" solution to staffing your company,” said Crissy Trus, Online Marketing Director, NFIB.
NFIB says in its petition that the 11th Circuit is a better vehicle than the other appellate court cases for Supreme Court action because the standing of the plaintiffs in the 6th Circuit case is unclear, and the 4thCircuit did not consider the merits of the case in one of the two major PPACA suits it reviewed.
This is the first time NFIB has been implicated in small cell lung cancer, though it has been seen in a mouse study of prostate cancer.