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NFICNews from Indian Country (publication)
NFICNational Fraud Information Center
NFICNational Inventor Fraud Center, Inc.
NFICNational Interagency Fire Center
NFICNational Foreign Intelligence Council
NFICNational Freedom of Information Coalition
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With online shopping peaking for the holiday season, the NFIC and IFW offer the following tips to avoid being ripped off:
After an application for a permit, the NFIC and the Ministry of Commerce have up to ten business days to request any items missing from the original application.
Frank Leibly, of Banta's NFIC, said, "School Direct is a highly targeted electronic commerce initiative, fully integrated within Houghton Mifflin Company's overall business.
We're pleased to be able to help the NFIC put technology on the side of the consumer where it belongs.
When a consumer calls the NFIC with a complaint, the information is automatically distributed by FraudNET to federal, state and local authorities, as well as corporate anti-fraud units.
Administered by the Washington-based national Consumers League, the NFIC manages a data base for consumer fraud complaints.
The Partners grant will help the NFIC develop a pilot program called the Consumer Fraud Alert and Education Project.
The NFIC CLOG(TM) catalog generation system represents a development platform for interactive on-line catalogs that drive the on-line sale of retail and business-to-business merchandise.
Another core NFIC technology called DBLink closely integrates HTML hypertext markup language, the code that is read over the World Wide Web) pages with any SQL (Structured Query Language) relational database.
For the on-line shopper, the electronic catalogs developed by NFIC retain the look and feel of a printed catalog, but offer greater customization, such as immediate responses to information requests, point and click ordering, easy product searching and access to the most current pricing.
The NFIC estimates its cost nationwide at $10 billion to $40 billion per year; precise figures are unavailable since many victims never report or under-report their losses.
Senator Bryan, who has led the fight in the Senate to combat telemarketing fraud commented, "This initiative on the part of MasterCard and NFIC is important to consumers, especially the elderly, who in some cases have been robbed of their life savings by telemarketing scam artists.