NFIENEA (National Education Association) Foundation for the Improvement of Education
NFIENational Foundation for the Improvement of Education
NFIENaqshbandiya Foundation for Islamic Education (Gilbert, AZ)
NFIENational Framework for Innovation and Enterprise (Singapore)
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In 1996, we published our results and recommendations in the NFIE report Teachers Take Charge of Their Learning.
The NFIE report shows that when professional development is built into the daily, weekly, and yearlong job of teaching, it results in changed practice and student success.
The focus of NFIE is the vital role that unions, districts, and higher education can play in transforming professional development.
These pilots are among 10 NFIE grants that followed the report's publication.
Until October 31, 2003, Staples will donate $1 to charities selected by NEA state affiliates or to NFIE for every cartridge turned in at one of the 1,100 nationwide Staples locations.
00 Provide funding for growth of the NFIE Endowment Fund $8.
NFIE also offers Arts@Work Grants to encourage public secondary school arts specialists to collaborate with technology-savvy educators and the business community to develop examples of technology-integrated arts curricula that meet high standards for student achievement.