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NFKB1Nuclear Factor Kappa-B, Subunit 1
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Conclusions: Polymorphisms in NFKB1 and NFKBIAgenes were associated with risk of lung cancer.
10 NF-B1 and IBa are encoded by the NFKB1 and NFKBIA genes respectively, and it has been shown that disrupted expressions of these genes can result in carcinogenesis.
To test our hypothesis, we conducted a case-control study to investigate the association of NFKB1 -94 ins/del ATTG polymorphism and NFKBIA -826C>T and -881A>G polymorphisms with the risk of lung cancer in a Chinese population.
Immune response genes selected for the study (TLR2, NFKB1, IL2, IL16, TNF, IFNG, CXCR3, CCL1, CD81, CD84, RPS6KB2, STK17B, PRKCB1, MCL1, EEF1G, NFATC4, EEF1 and IER5) were amplified from cDNA of PBMCs (Fig.
NFKB1 gene, central mediator of the proinflammatory immune response was expressed at significantly reduced levels in PMBC of BTB-infected animals and was hypothesized as key mediator of the gene repression detected in BTB infected group (24).
Caption: Fig 1a amplification of selected genes at annealing temperatures 58[degrees]C Lane 1: TLR2 (107 bp); Lane 2: NFKB1 (135 bp); Lane 3: IER5 (125 bp); Lane 4: PRKCB1 (141 bp); Lane 5: EEF-1 (222 bp); Lane 6: IL16 (51 bp); Lane 7: IL2 (183) bp; Lane 8: TNF (08 bp); Lane 9: EEF1-G (222 bp) M: 100 bp ladder
Of the 81 SNPs identified, the rs4648127 SNP, which is located within the NFKB1 gene, was associated with lung cancer in both analyses.
Association of NFKB1, which encodes a subunit of the transcription factor NF-kappaB, with alcohol dependence.
2012) also detected PM effects on the expression of some of the miRNA target genes observed in our study, such as the proliferation- and carcinogen-related genes E2F1, EGR1 targeted by hsa-miR-21 and hsa-miR-192, and the inflammation-related gene NFKB1 targeted by miR-146a.
1999) and NFKB1 being a self regu-lated gene is also blocked by the action of chlorojanerin (Ten et al.