NFLPNurse Faculty Loan Program (US DHHS Health Resources and Services Administration)
NFLPNational Flagship Language Program (University of California, Los Angeles; fellowship)
NFLPNational Football League Players
NFLPNational Football League Properties, Inc.
NFLPNetwork for Latino People (Norge, VA)
NFLPNutrition and Fitness for Life Program
NFLPNorfolk Family Learning Programme (UK)
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Students who receive the NFLP loan may have up to 85 percent of their loan forgiven in return for serving full-time as faculty at an accredited school of nursing in the U.
Once a student is accepted into the program, they must maintain good academic standing to continue to receive NFLP loan funds until graduation.
The Cowboys and NFLP brought a lawsuit alleging that ATP's actions infringed their common law and state trademark registration rights.
The Cowboys and NFLP, however, opposed many of the applications and eventually filed suit.
bundled packages, NFLP could have taken a similar approach to the
Rachel Edwards Barrott, the principal solicitor of Hoylake-based NFLP, said the complaint was made against Ms Quinn, not her firm.
NFLP also got into the photo business, obtaining action photographs from a large number of top photographers around the country.
In 1963, the NFLP was created to develop, license, and market their intellectual property.
We are excited to work with OpSec to enhance our efforts to protect NFL fans from counterfeit activity," said Gary Gertzog, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel of NFLP.
CONTACT: Dave Fogelson of Reebok, 617-341-5000, or Chris Widmaier of NFLP, 212-758-1500/
TM/(C) 1994 NFLP, Franchise Football and FFL are trademarks of Fantasy Sports Properties, Inc.