NFMPNo Fee Mortgage Plus (Bank of America)
NFMPNew Faculty Mentoring Program (various locations)
NFMPNational Federation of Mortgage Professionals
NFMPNational Forest Management Plan (various locations)
NFMPNetwork File Monitor Professional (software)
NFMPNavy Foreign Material Program
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Schauf reports the NFMP has enjoyed tremendous results.
Since its founding, the NFMP has facilitated resolution of nearly 90 percent of the disputes submitted to the program for mediation.
In order to facilitate creative approaches to resolving disputes that sometimes arise in franchise relationships, and preserving the stability of those relationships for the long-term, IFA has actively promoted the NFMP as an effective alternative to traditional methods of conflict resolution, namely lawsuits and litigation.
Originally founded by and for franchise systems, the Steering Committee of the NFMP now includes equal numbers of representatives of both franchisors and franchisees.
The NFMP is regularly promoted and featured at franchise system and franchisee association meetings as a way in which to educate the franchise community about this effective means of dispute resolution.
For more information about how your system can take advantage of this program, contact Peter Philips, NFMP director at 202-949-6490 or pphilips@cpradr.
Of the approximately 150 franchise disputes that have been formally submitted to the NFMP process, almost 90 percent have been resolved amicably.
The NFMP is governed by a steering committee that is made up of equal numbers of franchisor and franchisee' representatives.
The costs of NFMP general administration are met by nominal annual contributions of the participating franchisors.
Franchisors who are not yet participants in the NFMP should join.
If your franchisor is a member of NFMP, remind it of its obligation to offer a negotiated resolution of disputes.