NFMSNational Farm Machinery Show (Kentucky)
NFMSNational Federation of Music Societies (UK)
NFMSNonfat Milk Solids
NFMSNorth Forsyth Middle School (Georgia)
NFMSNorth Fork Middle School (Quicksburg, VA)
NFMSNew Fairfield Middle School (Connecticut)
NFMSNetwork Facility Management System
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In sum, the Ninth Circuit held that NFMS had complied with section 4(b)(2) of the ESA, NFMS's decision to not exclude under the ESA was not subject to judicial review, and NEPA was not implicated in critical habitat designation.
The photometric files include information on light distribution and luminance intensity, and the NFMS system provides additional data that can be used to further improve fixture performance.
The NFMS is the largest indoor agricultural exposition in the country, drawing national and international attendees and exhibitors," he says.
Eventually, NFMS may contribute significantly for participating countries to comply with the REDD+ MRV requirements (Measurement, Reporting, Verification) through a sustainable stepwise approach, as suggested by FAO (2013b).
the delivery of regular maintenance on the NFMS on the basis of a SLA;4.
The Ninth Circuit concluded that FERC was not required to initiate consultation with NFMS because PG&E's continued operation of the hydroelectric project under a license issued in 1980 was not ongoing agency action under the ESA.
495) Thus, the Ninth Circuit undertook a review of the entire BiOp to determine whether NFMS had sufficient evidence on the record to reach its no-jeopardy finding for the first two phases of the RPA.
248) The Ninth Circuit held that, by adding that language, Congress recognized that NFMS may have other obligations under the Compliance Act and gave the Service permission to exercise its discretion to fulfill those other obligations.
FWS, and NFMS, stating that native species should take precedence over
With more than 60% of market share in China, NFMS Operators like Air China, China Eastern, China Shenzhen, China Southern, and Hainan Airlines are recognizing unique performances of Thales FMS functionality said Olivier GUIBERT, President Thales China and North Asia region.
The Act allows the FWS or NFMS to exclude any area from critical habitat if the agency "determines that the benefits of such exclusion outweigh the benefits of specifying such area as part of the critical habitat.
1, 1995) (on file with author) [hereinafter NFMS 1995 Habitat Biological Opinion]; see also supra note 191 and accompanying text (describing successful litigation brought by environmental plaintiffs to force government to enter into consultation with NMFS on the land management plans).