NFOSNoosa Festival of Surfing (Australia)
NFOSNear-Field Optical Spectroscopy (physics)
NFOSNarodowa Fundacja Ochrony Srodowiska (Polish: National Foundation for Environmental Protection)
NFOSNew Forest Owl Sanctuary (UK)
NFOSNetwork Field Operations Support
NFOSNiagara Frontier Orchid Society (Buffalo, NY)
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The female belonged to the NFOS but, according to Mrs Broughton, was transferred to the NWBT's ownership.
Mr Poole said he has no knowledge of the break-in but was contacted some time later by a mystery middleman whose sympathies lay with the NFOS.
Project Preparation Consultant has been contracted by EBRD to provide support to EBRD and NFOS on the design and the operational procedures of the joint programme;
TC consultancy contracts are required: The Programme Preparation Consultant ("PPC") (already contracted) will advise the EBRD and NFOS on the design and operational procedures of the Programme, including all technical aspects; assist with the implementation of the marketing strategy and raising awareness in the market; ensure transfer of skills and capacity building to all stakeholders participating in the Programme.
LEME"), which, after NFOS% approval, will be open to all Programme participants (including the Facility PFIs, SMEs, NFOS, and other banks, etc.
assessment of eligible projects according to procedures that will be agreed between EBRD and NFOS.
the way to achieve planned energy savings and emission reductions, and eligibility criteria that will allow NFOS to disburse