NFPCNational Federation of Priests' Councils
NFPCNational Farm Products Council (Canada)
NFPCNational Fluid Power Centre (est. 2000; UK)
NFPCNuclear Free Philippines Coalition
NFPCNational Food Products Company (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
NFPCNaval Foundry and Propeller Center (Philadelphia Naval Business Center; Pennsylvania)
NFPCNational Family Planning Council (Zimbabwe)
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Working with community groups on local food issues, the NFPC will not only help to develop and monitor implementation of plans, but will also provide a platform for information exchange and community dialogue from a local perspective.
As a first step, the NFPC could seek to establish local Community Food and Nutrition Councils with representation from local authorities, local food producers, retailers, public interest groups working within the environment, food poverty and community development, interested citizens and community health councils.
But in the process of telling the story, the status of the NFPC was actually enhanced.
We're very happy to be working with NFPC and its Jack in the Box members," said Susan Adzick, VP of Sales & Marketing for McLane Foodservice.
NFPC is the company behind brands Oasis, Blu, Milco, Lacnor, and Gulf & Safa.
5 billion from international banks, Antonios said, 55 per cent will come from NFPC capital.
Michael Henderson, Chief Operating Officer of NFPC and Mr.
Fady Antonios, Chief Executive Officer of NFPC said of the partnership, "The management of NFPC are pleased to now have dedicated travel management expertise on an in-house basis to accommodate the extensive travel requirements placed on many of our sales representatives and senior officials.
The NFPC was once a group of tree-shakers fueled by enough anger to blow up the Vatican.
He referred to the NFPC survey report, which stated that 90 percent of priests who responded are happy and 91 percent feel they are using their skills in ministry.
McCarthy of the Youngstown, Ohio, diocese is ending his 1991-94 term as NFPC president.
The study was designed to examine, through three surveys, where NFPC stood as a national organization for priests in relation to bishops and to priest members of presbyterial councils.