NFPPNatural Forest Protection Project (China)
NFPPNordisk Film Post Production (Stockholm, Sweden)
NFPPNew Forest Post Production (video production company; UK)
NFPPNational Forest Protection Plan (China)
NFPPNational Federation of Property Professionals (UK; also seen as NFOPP)
NFPPNorthern Fire Protection Program (Ontario, Canada)
NFPPNeighborhood Foot Patrol Program (Flint, MI)
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Prior to NFPP, the Central Government had already implemented reforms in timber prices, harvesting control, and management in these state-owned forest enterprises.
Since NFPP is a major forest policy change, its impact on timber supply is reflected in both the short-term (reduction) and long-term.
Unlike timber production, wood-based panel production has not been affected as much by the implementation of NFPP.
Thus, we hypothesize that regional timber supply in China is a function of the price of timber (P), a dummy variable representing introduction of the NFPP in 1998 (NFPP), the logging quota allocated to the forest (L), the ratio of the area of state-owned forests to that of collectively owned forests (SC), forest inventory volume (I), average wage of forest workers (W), and ratio of average wage of forest workers to local average wage (R).
The NFPP is laden with limited choice, gender inequalities and low
Ten years after the commitment at ICPD, the NFPP has still not been
The Chinese government has adopted two measures to address the timber supply shortage: (1) encouraging the growth of man-made forests and stimulating timber importation to close the timber supply-and-demand gap, and (2) rejuvenating forests through the NFPP to ensure the sustainable growth of these resources.
Situation of China's Forest Resources and Introduction to the NFPP
3]; the annual harvesting quota of natural forest in the NFPP regions along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River has been reduced by 866,000 [m.
Although the intent of the NFPP is to protect the natural forest environment, it has had negative consequences for the forest products sector.