NFPRHANational Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association
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For 40 years, NFPRHA members have provided high-quality preventive health care services in thousands of health centers to millions of women and men annually.
The fate of access to reproductive health services and research into new technologies hangs in the balance," declares Judith DeSarno, president and chief executive officer of NFPRHA.
Reproductive Health 2004 also marks a new collaboration between ARHP and NFPRHA, in association with the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health and Planned Parenthood(R) Federation of America.
NFPRHA members provide subsidized reproductive health care to over five million low-income women each year.
Supporters of the OTC application, including NFPRHA, viewed this as a clear test of whether the FDA would base its decision on scientific evidence or succumb to political pressure.
There is certainly no medical reason for not making Plan B available without a prescription and from a public health perspective, there is every reason to do so," said Judith DeSarno, NFPRHA President and CEO.
NFPRHA represents the network of 4600 clinics nationwide that are supported with federal funds such as Title X of the Public Health Services Act.
American women deserve wider access to this product than our clinics are able to offer," said Gretchen Stuart, a practicing ob-gyn from Dallas, Texas, who will testify on behalf of NFPRHA before two FDA Advisory Committees on December 16.