NFPWNational Federation of Press Women
NFPWNational Fire Prevention Week
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The next two issues of W&WP showcased the resounding success of the first NFPW.
Then, without warning or reason of explanation, it stopped throwing its support behind the NFPW movement, effective with its October 1973 issue.
A new feature of this year's observance is the selection of local NFPW Queens leading to the crowning of a National Queen.
NFPW, of which Polcyn is also a longtime member, honored her with a Quest Award for distinguished achievement in communications.
Marge is a 'nose for news' to a T and is very good at honing a story for maximum appeal," said Fadem, who has worked with Polcyn at both NFPW and the Press Club.
Biden was one of several featured speakers at the 2003 NFPW "Brave New Media World" conference held in Wilmington, Del.
NFPW is a membership organization of professional journalists and communicators, headquartered in Arlington, Va.
For more than 65 years, NFPW has promoted the highest ethical standards while fostering professional development, networking, and protecting First Amendment rights.
NFPW has counted among its members such luminaries as Eleanor Roosevelt, former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, and White House reporters Helen Thomas and Sarah McClendon.
The NFPW, created in 1882, has 4,000 members nationwide.