NFRCNational Fenestration Rating Council
NFRCNational Federation of Roofing Contractors (United Kingdom)
NFRCNational Fraud Reporting Centre (UK)
NFRCNational Family Resiliency Center, Inc. (formerly Children of Separation and Divorce Center)
NFRCNuclear Fusion Research Center (Iran)
NFRCNorth Florida Reception Center
NFRCNational Father's Resource Center
NFRCNorthwest Family Resource Center
NFRCNiagara Frontier Reading Council
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The procedures for testing, conducted and certified by the NFRC, provide the customers with energy performance numbers that can be trusted.
The calorimeter was developed, characterized, and calibrated based on NFRC 201 (NFRC 2010).
USA has established the NFRC to provide refrigeration solutions on a global scale.
NOMENCLATURE AFM Atomic force microscopy CF Coir fiber MA Maleic anhydride MFR Melt flow rate NFRC Natural fiber reinforced composites PE Polyethylene PP Polypropylene RMS Root mean square SEM Scanning electron microscopy
Ploughcroft also has an NVQ solar roofing training centre and has worked with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors to develop and deliver the NFRC solar roofing course, which has been delivered to more than 150 companies.
NFRC labels detail independent verification of product performance and allow homeowners, architects and builders to compare windows' energy ratings.
NFRC is a unique industry, government public interest group collaboration developing and implementing a nationwide system for rating and labeling the thermal performance of all types of windows, doors, skylights, and other fenestration products.
To compare windows, read the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) energy-ratings label that's pasted on most units (photo right).
As one example, products certified by NFRC can display labels that attest to insulation value, visible transmittance, or solar heat gain.
The NFRC labels are also used on door and skylight products that are part of the EPA's Energy Star program.
The third requirement of the NFRC test is that the applicant's interest must be substantially affected by the disposition of the action.