NFRMNotice of Final Rule Making (Australia)
NFRMNational Fellowship of Raceway Ministries (Fort Worth, TX)
NFRMNipissing Forest Resource Management (Canada)
NFRMNiagara Falls Railway Museum (aka Niagara Railway Museum; Canada)
NFRMNeural Fuzzy Resource Manager
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Michael's challenge over the next 15 months is to look at what the barriers are of working with NFRM as a mainstream approach to flood risk management and help Waterco offer viable and sustainable solutions to tackle flood risk.
When she was invited to the NFRM awards ceremony she thought she had been nominated for a different awa rd.
ADS-B will be introduced above flight level 290 and will extend over continental Australia, much of which is outside radar coverage, and significant parts of oceanic airspace within its flight information region - "a very significant safety advancement", says the NFRM.