NFRNNational Federation of Retail Newsagents (UK)
NFRNNational Field Resource Network (campaigns; various states)
NFRNNordic Family Research Network (various locations)
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NFRN chief executive Paul Baxter said:"Independent retailers are the news industry's unsung heroes and deserve recognition for the fantastic work they do to get newspapers into customers'hands every day.
The petition, backed by the NFRN, the Association of News Retailing (ANR) and some MPs, calls on the OFT to re-examine the newspaper and magazine distribution industry, amid "concerns about anti-competitive behaviour".
The NFRN has raised its concerns at all three Party Conferences and also in a full page advertisement in today's (October 9) issue of The Times.
The NFRN also vowed to snub a round table meeting organised by the Press Distribution Forum in Scotland next month.
Meanwhile, the sale of newspapers and magazines continues to be dominated by the likes of WH Smith and Menzies, Latest figures from the NFRN reveal that 510 member newsagents went bankrupt last year.
TO get today's free seeds, take the voucher to any of the NFRN newsagents listed below left and displaying the symbol (right).
President of the Merseyside, Dee and North Wales district of the NFRN, John Parkinson, said: "I find it almost impossible to comprehend a government can be so misguided to think it will have the desired effect.
The NFRN said more the move by supermarkets into newspaper and magazine retailing had seen 13,000 independent local retailers go out to the wall in the last ten years.
LONDON -- Donegal newsagent and NFRN member Maurice Timony will tomorrow morning lodge a High Court challenge to contest the Irish Governments ban on tobacco display.
NFRN Ireland put forward a number of proposals to the Committee which it believes would curtail the problem.
The NFRN believe retailers should been titled to a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.