NFRPNeurofibromatosis Research Program
NFRPNatural Fission Reactor Program
NFRPNatural Fiber Reinforced Plastics
NFRPNational Federation of Retired Persons
NFRPNaruto Forum Role-Play (website)
NFRPNext Fighter Replacement Program (Singapore)
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Resumo da analise da variancia e medias de fitomassa seca de fruto (FSFR), numero de frutos por planta (NFRP), fitomassa seca total (FST) e area foliar por planta (AF), para a cultura do tomate, em funcao dos niveis de salinidade e dos manejos de fertirrigacao Fonte de variacao GL FSFR NFRP FST AF Salinidade (S) 5 3,59 * 3,24 * 7,85 ** 2,23ns Reg.
Government officials in Singapore said the MINDEF's decision is based on RSAF recommendations on delivery schedule, service support, and operational performance record of the combat aircraft that were under consideration for the NFRP, MINDEF in a statement released on April 21 said: "The Typhoon is a very capable aircraft.
Successful conversion to lower enriched and where possible LEU fuel is therefore a key element in the mitigation of the risks surrounding the supply of isotopes as demanded by NFRP 8.