NFRUNational Farm Research Unit (est. 1995; UK)
NFRUNot for Recreational Use
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Jim Williams of the NFRU said: ``This added up to 16% of all farms investing in bricks and mortar.
The NFRU, a full service, applied market research unit, conducts research projects in all agriculture, livestock, food and many other business-to-business sectors and contacts 40, 000 farmers, vets, merchants and consumers per year on a rolling basis in the UK, Ireland and internationally.
Jim Williams of the NFRU said: "Four out of five farmers interviewed envisaged no major change in their farming business, which perhaps reflects uncertainty about the exact nature of change.
According to the NFRU probe 96pc of landowners would back viable business projects put forward by their tenants.
The NFRU survey also reveals that with the decline in labour comes an increase in the use of contractors across the board.
The NFRU survey shows that overall four in five farmers used a preventative treatment to control this disease.
Jim Williams, marketing and communications director of the NFRU, commented: "Specifically, smaller farms were investing more in tractors.