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NFSANational Fire Sprinkler Association
NFSANational Federation of Sea Anglers (UK)
NFSANational Fraud Strategic Authority (UK)
NFSANational Flying Squirrel Association
NFSANational Student Federation of America
NFSANational Forensic Sciences Agency (Pakistan)
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The NFSA, 2013 also contains measures for reforms in TPDS, to be under taken progressively by the Central and State/UT Governments.
After the NDA took power, the Congress has accused it of diluting the provisions of the NFSA for political reasons.
There is no way to keep the domestic commitments of the NFSA and give farmers 50 per cent profits, without exceeding the WTO's 10 per cent limit.
The NFSA has also procured high resolution stereo microscope and comparison microscopes, he said.
THIS Sunday the North East Division of the NFSA are holding an Open Competition, sponsored by Shimano UK.
Andy won the adult summer league and other top awards for catches from shore and boat, while Ollie scooped the 2006 NFSA Wessex junior championship and took four of Lymington's 12 junior monthly prizes, among other wins.
Some 12 hours later, six-year-old son Callum teamed up with Bryce Watson to finish third in the NFSA North East Division Open Pairs his first-ever competition.
National Film and Sound Archive 1997 The Haddon Films--Torres Strait 1898, on [video] The Dreaming Reels: vol 1: Aboriginal Images on Australian Silent Films 1898-1937, NFSA, Canberra.
Jack Reece, chairman of the NFSA, said: ""Euro 96 was recognised as probably the best organised and friendliest tournament in soccer history.
NFSA will send you a free, frequently updated list of manufacturers of residential sprinkler heads, and sample brochures.
At the NFSA 2010 Annual Seminar on April 15 & 16, Webster will present "BIM 101" to the NFSA, detailing its relevance to the organization and the need for a change in both process and culture for the fire protection industry.
The meetings included important business of the board, 2016 NFSA award recipient selection, Capitol Hill visits promoting the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act, as well as all Committee and Council meetings of the Association.