NFSBNationwide Financial Services (Bermuda)
NFSBNational Fitness Sanctioning Body (est. 1989)
NFSBNorthstar Financial Services Bermuda Ltd.
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DW: Are you going to take any legal steps with regard to the NFSB declaration?
The dietary treatments were a control diet with 24% SBM, a test diet with 6% NFSB (NFSB-6), a test diet with 12% NFSB (NFSB-12) and a test diet with 12% Suprotein (Suprotein-12) added at the expense of SBM.
Boris Yachev, who is also a member of the NFSB, expressed the friendship group's satisfaction with the exceptionally good level of bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Portugal - as the relations between two friendly states, among which there are no unresolved issues, 24chasa.
Omega reviews customer satisfaction survey results each year from over 500 companies on average to determine their qualification for the NFSB Award.
I believe that I have been a victim of a negative media campaign, simply because of my involvement in the party and because of the participation of NFSB in the government," Veleva writes in the statement announced by the party press office.
2%, although it is difficult to calculate the electoral bonus brought about by the merger of NFSB, Ataka and VMRO.
Krasimir Karakachanov is the candidate of the United Patriots a NFSB, VMRO and Ataka.
NFSB is one of the parties within the Patriotic Front, a nationalist coalition which supports the government of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in Parliament but has no cabinet ministers.
A blunt response has followed even from NFSB, one of the parties of the Patriotic Front, a nationalist coalition backing the government, with its leader Valeri Simeonov calling the volunteers "brigades of mutri" only seeking profit by stealing migrants' belongings and taking part in smuggling schemes.
The NFSB is part of the nationalist coalition called Patriotic Front which backs Bulgaria's minority government.
His result was followed by the candidate of nationalist NFSB (part of the Patriotic Front coalition that backs the government) at 5.
Support for nationalist parties Ataka, NFSB and VMRO (the latter two being part of the Patriotic Front coalition that backs the minority government) is at 3.