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NFSLNational Forest System Lands (USDA Forest Service)
NFSLNational Front for Salvation of Libya
NFSLNo Fighters in a Suitable Location
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As appointed representatives of Openwork, which is one of the UK's largest financial advice networks, NFSL has access to a range of product providers and investment funds.
Salabi's party and the NFSL have a national profile.
In 2005, the NFSL joined the NCLO for a brief period in an attempt to form a united front.
Sahad's NFSL has been most active in the opposition since the 1970s.
One key development instigated by NFSL 2000 was the creation of the federation's own symbol group, Quix.
The NFSL 2000 team, chaired by the Federation's chief executive Roger Clarke, asked the suppliers for direct help in areas such as planograms, merchandising, products to stock, equipment, bake-offs and cash machines.
NFSL 2000, the commercial arm of the Newsagents' Federation, is to hold the first of a series of recruitment meetings in Leeds on October 24.
Former Spar boss John Irish, who was called in by the Federation's commercial arm NFSL 2000 to mastermind the makeover, said: "Of the nine model stores up and running, three are under the Quix banner.
The NFSL also reports attacks or assassinations abroad by the regime's intelligence agents against opposition figures.
Speaking exclusively to The Grocer, former Spar boss John Irish -- called in by the Federation's NFSL 2000 commercial arm to shake up lethargic CTNs -- said he expected that between 30 and 40 Federation stores would have switched from a pure CTN format to a c-store mix by the end of the year.
Irish is leading a project for NFSL 2000 - the NFRN's commercial arm - aimed at helping members raise standards, concentrate on the most profitable lines and introduce elements of convenience to their businesses.
Some of the nine NFRN members taking part in the model shop initiative developed by NFSL 2000 under John Irish's leadership told the conference how their businesses had been transformed.