NFSPNational Federation of SubPostmasters (UK)
NFSPNeed for Speed: Porsche (game)
NFSPNational Federation of Sugarcane Planters (Philippines)
NFSPNational Food Safety Program (various national governments)
NFSPNetwork File Service Protocol
NFSPNetwork Files System Protocol (computing)
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Al Muneef and the NFSP played an instrumental role in drafting and advising on the Protection from Abuse law, which defines and criminalized domestic violence for the first time in Saudi Arabia.
NFSP General Secretary George Thomson said: "We are now calling on the Government to halt the sale until we can be sure that new work is forthcoming.
Honley sub-postmistress Brenda Bodenham, who is Assistant Branch Secretary of the West Yorkshire NFSP, said: "I get members coming to me on a daily basis getting very, very upset that their income is being slashed day in and day out particularly when it's because of a 'champagne culture' at the top of the Post Office.
A third of all income earned by subpostmasters comes from sales of Royal Mail products and the NFSP predicts "mass" post office closures if that income is jeopardised.
The NFSP general secretary George Thomson branded the plans a "reckless gamble".
Naren Desai, aged 58, owner of Humber Road Post Office and Sandwich Bar, and branch secretary of the NFSP in Coventry, said he was optimistic about the rally.
It's expected the utility vehicles will be used by NFSP and Beaver Island State Park and Golf Course to shuttle workers and grounds equipment, drag infields, haul turf materials, and assist with refuse and snow removal.
The event, organized by the NFSP in collaboration with the UNICEF and the Saudi National Childhood Commission (NCC), served as a platform for sharing examples of successful bullying prevention programs from the US, Finland, and Australia.
The NFSP states that the loss of the DVLA contract will have an adverse effect on post offices, potentially leading to further closures.
Rural post offices will be the worst hit if they are not to offer more council and Government services, the NFSP says.
National Federation of SubPostmasters (NFSP) general secretary George Thomson said: "The NFSP has been bitterly disappointed with ministers' failure so far to champion the network and to make better use of its unrivalled levels of public trust and geographical reach as the natural home for many government services.
And the NFSP says its members' reward for selling 325 growth bonds will fall by around 40%.